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          Onurcan Gerlevik was born in Çorum in 1983. After he completed his high school education in Çorum, he went to Near East University and graduated as attorney with success from Law Faculty. Onurcan did his internship in Çevikkol&Ataoğlu law office, which is one of the most reputable law office in Antalya, and he started his business life in here. During following 4 years, he was attorney of Rixos Hotels, Yapı Kredi Bank and Sampo Japan insurance company and attended theirs cases in court.
          His experience was exteremely gained while he was working here, especially in the area of Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law as well as other areas. He had a break for his carreer due to military service for 6 months. After he came back he worked in another reputable law office, Şahinbay Law office, for a year. After a year working, he decided to found Gerlevik Law & Consultancy Office.
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